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Fall Ball League
Somers will be hosting our Fall Ball Lacrosse League this Fall season...
Playoff Brackets
In 2018 the playoff brackets have become more transparent than ever. ...
CVYL Quarter Final Playoffs
Play-off games are to be played during the upcoming weeks. ...
Fall Ball League
Somers will be hosting our Fall Ball Lacrosse League this Fall season with one game each weekend on Saturdays.  The League is for Girls and Boys Junior level teams (grade 5/6) and Senior level teams (grades 7/8).  The season starts the second weekend of September and runs through first weekend of November (Sept 8-Nov 4), ending with a fun Halloween round robin jamboree. All games will be played in Somers at the Somers School Complex. Below are more details.  Hope you can play with us!
If you are interested in entering a team to play this Fall, here are the deadline dates:
  • Aug 15 - Email Team Information to Enter Your Team (age level, team name, coach name/contact) email: Vinnie Carra:
  • Aug 24 - Team Payment Due to Somers Lacrosse, $600 per team
We recommend you open your player registrations and/or get player commitments between July 24-August 25 so you have a full month to get players signed up.
League Fee
Fee covers officials, fields and lining, and participation in the end-of-season Halloween jamboree.  No online registration, please email us to “register” and then send your team payment.
League Fee:  $600 per team
Payment due:   August 25*
Check payable to:  Somers Lacrosse Association
Mail to:   Vinnie Carra 35 Wells Rd, Somers, CT 06071
*if you have multiple teams or boys and girls teams, you can send one check – please note the teams you are paying for with your check
Game Format/Rules
Games will be played for 55 minutes (50 min playing time, 5 min halftime) in 10v10 format. If teams are short, coaches can make adjustments and play smaller formats such as 9v9 or 7v7. 
Juniors and Senior teams will follow modified checking and US Lacrosse Rules; we’ll follow grade based rather than U-based for Fall.  Players can play up, but not down.
Fields are grass and located at Somers Middle School (back field) at 1 Vision Blvd and behind Somers Firehouse (back field) on Ninth District Rd.
NOCSAE balls will be provided the first day but it will be helpful if coaches have a couple extras on hand during the season just in case.
This league is not an elite, high level competition league. It is an opportunity for kids to play lacrosse once a week and is designed to help players of all skill levels keep a stick in hand and improve game skills.  It is also a light schedule (once game per week) to reduce interference with other Fall sports.

by posted 07/25/2018
Playoff Brackets

In 2018 the playoff brackets have become more transparent than ever.  The board sought out volunteers from all of the CVYL programs to collaborate on how to make playoff games better.  During the regular season teams compete against each other in league games to win their respective division.  The A divisions are based on previous performance of a program or the size and number of teams a program can put forward.  The B division is based primarily on relative locations.

For 2018 CVYL decided to level the playing field by separating small and large programs into separate groups much like the founders has been done in the past.  The rational that small programs would be encouraged to grow through success playing teams from like situations. 

Now for the mechanics of the playoff brackets.  Brackets first start with seeding and the number and type of brackets.  In 2018 the majority of the coaches have been providing more timely updates to results.  The results are pulled on the pre-announced deadline of May 26th.  Game or results entered after that may change division placement but are not factored in to playoffs.  The results for each group (Sr A, Sr B, Jr A, Jr B) include league and non-league games and serve as a starting point for the rest of the process.  

The A brackets of junior and senior remain ordered but are separated into founders (aka AA), programs with two or more teams (M-L), and programs with a single A team(S). 
In 2018 this resulted in the following groups:

6-8 Bracket
  • Senior A (M-L) - 17 teams   
  • Senior B (M-L) – 25 teams
  • Senior A (S) – 18 teams
  • Junior A (M-L) - 21 teams
  • Junior B (M-L) – 25 teams
  • Senior A (S) – 12 teams

Depending on the size of the group a subjective number of teams was chosen for each bracket with the mean sizes being between 6-8 teams.  This was not always ideal especially when there were large gaps in overall placement.  As a sanity check the division placement was layered on and in the majority of cases aligned with the division placement.  

Next the bracket placement template was chosen.  The brackets are intended to balance the reward advantage of any higher placed team with the likelihood of an upsets.  This means that instead of 1st vs 8th it may be 1st vs 5th.


Up to this point the playoffs are mechanical based on the information at hand.  To add the human element of QA and make sure that this would work the draft brackets were posted to the site and were communicated outside the inital volenteers.  As expected there were a number of potentially questionable match ups and discrepancies and each was looked into and discussed.  Many good cases were made and resulted in the changes requested.  Requests from the following programs: Avon, Chicopee, Cheshire, Simsbury, Southington, Springfield, Tolland, etc.. before locking the brackets. 

There are a couple ways this could have been better, but it mostly boils down to people working with the information given.  CVYL looks forward to even more volenteers next year. 

CVYL Thanks everyone who participated in the making this possible. 

by posted 05/30/2018
CVYL Quarter Final Playoffs

Play-off games are to be played during the upcoming weeks.  Due to the time of year and unpredictable weather it is HIGHLY recommended that you schedule the games earlier in the week vs. waiting until latter part.  Thunderstorms were a huge issue last year so don’t wait until the last minute.  All quarterfinal games must be arranged and reported through the CVYL site as soon as possible. 

Quarter Final games can run May 28th through June 7th.

Semifinal games will be held Saturday, June 9th and championship games on Sunday, June 10th  at Rye Street Park in South Windsor. 

All games MUST be loaded into the CVYL website, CVYL is working with WMA/CLOA to have officials assigned to these games. We cannot do this without having the information loaded as soon as possible.  The league is assigning the officials to these games NOT the home team!

All game scores must be reported to the CVYL website,

As a reminder, there is a limit of 4 coaches per team allowed in the box during games. Any additional coaches are required to be on the parent sideline during games and NOT allowed to stand outside the team box during games.   


Seniors Brackets
Juniors Brackets

by posted 05/25/2018
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